Requests are authenticated via API key. Once you have a key, the below Authorization header is required to permit access to the API on all requests.

'X-Api-Key': '<token>'

Generating an API Key

To generate a key, log in to Audienceful and visit the API keys page within Settings. Next, click Generate Key.


On the following screen, fill out the fields as follows:

  • Key name. Choose a name for the key. This is for your own reference.
  • (Optional) Select expiration. Choose when the key expires. After the interval passes, the key can no longer authenticate you to the API and it disappears from your account.

When you click Generate Key, your key is generated and presented to you on your API keys page. This is the only time you’ll be able to see your token so ensure you save it.

It’s imperative that you do not share this key with any unauthorized users. This key will provide access to all of the APIs listed in this documentation. Should a bad actor get access to your key, you can simply delete it from the settings page above and it will no longer work.